Daily life in the West is increasingly marked by acceleration and large overloads of desires and obligations. We do not allow ourselves to stop for a second and feel the present, because there is always something we could be doing. In this sense, we still have a lot to learn from some eastern meditation techniques, the purpose of which is to stop and breathe, to be aware of what we are and what surrounds us. Samadhi offers a moment of introspection and reflection through an interactive installation. With the help of open source systems, an immersive environment is developed. Through a heart rate sensor we perceive a generative graph, and a sound that fluctuates in space, creating a dialogue.
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Prototype of documentary web that aims to collect the memories of refugees and exiles from different countries, who have experienced wars and conflicts during the XX – XXI centuries. Through the trip, you discover memories letting you lead by a different narrative.
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